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Billy Haupert


I am Billy Haupert and I started the Truckee Sports Camp 10 years ago. I wanted a positive and a bully free environment for my kids to be able to go to during the summer!  And my kids needed a camp they wanted to go to. A camp where they were happy. A place that felt safe.


I have become a motivational speaker for kids. Each morning at the start of camp and when I sense the kids emotions are starting to run away from them during the day, I will blow the whistle, gather the kids together and coach, with positive reinforcement, on whatever it is that needs to be addressed.   


We play sports all day long and go to a beach every day! Your kids are going to love this if they enjoy playing sports and are respectful. 


I coach heavy on team play, on the field as well as at home.

Our focus is team work with integrity!

We are coaching kids on how to play the game with integrity.

We are all about speed, agility, strength and team play.

I am a retired local fire fighter and Dad!

Olympic Super stars come by our camp and work out with the kids!

Fire fighters come by and work out with kids too!


I believe in being a positive roll model for the kids and personally show them how to be a better kid as well as a much better athlete!!


We make some of fastest kids on earth... faster!



Emma Williams

This will be my seventh year working with Billy at Truckee Sports Camp. I have a background  in coaching as a rock climbing guide. I ran my own guide service and worked with many kids groups. I love all sports and am a Big Mountain Coach at Squaw. I worked as a Teachers Aide at Glenshire Elementary for 2 years and I have a 15 year old daughter so I know many of the local kids and families. When I started working with Billy at Sports Camp, I was so impressed by the message he was teaching the kids about being positive, kind and supportive of each other. One of my favorites messages he tells the kids is that we are a team, and another word for a team is family. We go out there every day with the kids creating this amazing family who are having fun in a positive, bully free environment.

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