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Registration is open for Summer 2024. Click on the link below to find the days and weeks to sign up for and waivers to sign. Please either email or mail to us with payment either check or Venmo. Payment must be sent at registration to guarantee your spot. We are unable to offer refunds for smoke. We will operate on smoke days, and we leave the choice to the parents to send your children or not. We have to pay in advance for permits to use facilities and insurance and we do not receive refunds from TDRPD if we cancel.

Our itinerary for each week is as follows: We strive to be flexible and although it is advisable to sign up in advance, we understand that things come up and can accommodate drop ins if we have space. You also can choose which days you would like to do based on our itinerary.

Mondays and Tuesdays - Drop off at the Truckee High School soccer and track field 9.00 a.m. Pick up at West End Beach by 5.00 p.m.

We generally start our day as the kids arrive with fun activities as everyone gets settled. Then we will stretch and go for a jog. After we have the kids participate in dryland training such as jump rope, ladder drills, wind sprints with parachutes, soccer drills. We also have a tug of war rope which the kids love. We split kids into age groups and will play soccer, flag football, baseball and 2 hand touch rugby. The emphasis is having fun, in a bully free and positive environment to help build confidence. Around noon we head to West End Beach at Donner Lake for an afternoon on the beach. We play tennis, swim, play basketball and have fun summer afternoon enjoying this beautiful mountain lake. Half days are available - pick up around noon before we head to the beach.

Wednesdays - Bike Park Day! Drop off at the bike park at 9.00 a.m. Pick up at West End Beach by 5.00 p.m.

We gather in the morning and introduce the kids to the bike park and bike park etiquette. We have 3 bike park coaches to ride around with the kids and help them with navigating the park, and building confidence on their bikes. Kids will need to bring their own bikes and. helmets and we recommend elbow and knee pads. After a morning of bike park fun, the kids are ready to head to the beach so we load up all the bikes in our trailer and take everyone to West End Beach for more summer time beach time fun! Bike Park day is supported by Cyclepaths and we award a couple of kids with a gift voucher for Cyclepaths. Half days are available - pick up around noon before we head to the beach.

Thursdays - Drop off 9.00 a.m. at Gymnasium at the TTUSD district office. Pick up at the same location at 5.00 p.m.

Today we play floor hockey in the gymnasium. We have nets, floor hockey sticks and street hockey balls. We even have two sets of street hockey goalie pads for our budding goalies! We then load everyone up and some days we will head to Granlibakken to run the Granlibakken hill. This is supported by Mountain Hardware and we make an award to one of the kids for either the most laps completed or the fastest time for one lap and they will receive a gift voucher for Mountain Hardware. After this we head to Sugar Pine Point for the afternoon to enjoy time swimming in Lake Tahoe and playing tennis on the most scenic tennis court in the world! We come back to the THS track and field for pick up where we will be playing more street hockey until parents arrive for pick up. Half days are not available for Thursdays as we head out from Truckee around 11.00 a.m. to our next adventure!

Fridays - Drop off at Regional Park at 8.45 a.m. Pick up at California 89 store in Downtown Truckee at 5.00 p.m.

We head down to South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena to teach the kids about ice hockey. We have all the gear they need to be fully passed and protected. Billy has been playing and coaching ice hockey all his life and coaching. He will go through skills and drills to get the kids confident on the ice and then we will have a small scrimmage. After eating lunch at their cafeteria will load everyone up and head back to Truckee stopping at Sugar Pine Point on the way. Then we head back to California 89 and finish our week with all the kids and parents recapping on the week and awarding 2 MVPs of the week. We finish it all off with everyone running and jumping in to Donner Lake. Half days are not available on Fridays.

Everyday kids will need to bring plenty of snacks, lunch and lots of water. We let the kids eat when they are hungry and encourage drinking plenty of water. They are burning lots of calories with all the activities we do, so they need lots of food. They also need either a season pass for West End Beach, or a daily entrance fee plus a few dollars for the snack shack. On Ice Hockey Day, they will need money for the ice rink plus a few dollars for the snack shack there. An email will be sent prior to each week with a confirmation of the upcoming week's itinerary.


Attendees are responsible for their own personal belongings.  Coaches will not be held accountable for lost/broken articles.  Attendees must bring all supplies in a zipped backpack with all belongings labeled.  


CLOTHING:  Attendees must come wearing close-toed shoes and bring flip flops/crocs etc and swim suits/ towel for water play.  Dress for the weather with layers.


LUNCH/SNACK:  Attendees need to bring a very big healthy lunch and plenty of snacks.  The day is long and may be rigorous so everyone gets hungry.  Please put a cold pack in there to keep food/drink cool and fresh.  Water in a refillable drink container is imperative.


SUNSCREEN:  Please apply waterproof sunscreen before drop off.  We will remind all attendees to re-apply during the day.  Send a hat and sunglasses and or rash guard to protect attendees from the sun.  Put a labeled container of sunscreen in their backpack.


ILLNESS/INJURY:  When an attendee is not feeling well, please do not send him or her.  If an attendee is ill during the day we will call emergency contact to come pick him or her up.  Parents are expected to pick up attendee with in 45 minutes of a call.  Staff is trained in CPR, First Aid and Basic Water Safety.

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