Truckee Sports Camps is announcing that we are starting after school non competitive soccer camps for local Truckee kids starting September 9th, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.


TSC will be running non competitive soccer camps after school with regard to distance learning. With AYSO cancelling their season, we are attempting to create something for all of our kids and salvage the Fall soccer season. Truckee has amazing children who are motivated to play sports. We launched Truckee Sports Camp this summer with apprehension because of COVID, but it has been so amazing to see our community of children who have been isolated from each other for so long to come together as a cohesive force and be so psyched to play sports and spend time with each other.  


We are going to need the support that we all gave AYSO and are working on our volunteer coaching applications. 

TSCs format with regards to COVID19 will be following the format we have been using since we started TSC where older kids are playing sports with younger kids. Our goal is keep family and close friends, people who are inside your bubble, together. We will operate under our strict COVID guidelines that are posted here on this website. Our strict COVID-19 guidelines need to be followed. You will find our COVID document, waiver and questionnaire. Please read this carefully and return the questionnaire and waiver to us.At this point games are not permitted, but coaches will be able to create situational plays that resemble a match. 

Come and kick it with us!